Privacy Policy

The purpose of the ESP site is to provide all customers and visitors to the site with information about its business and services.

ESP may collect information automatically from visitors and customers when they use the site or when they complete and submit the online contact form. Any information that is gathered by ESP is used to monitor site usage, and to respond to queries. Enquirer’s contact details are kept until the query is closed. The contact details of customers who are paying for any service provided by ESP are kept for the duration of the service being provided, and on completion of the service for the duration of any after sales service that follows.

To monitor site statistics such as traffic and repeat visits to the site, ESP uses Cookies and IP addresses. All information in this respect is anonymous and does not identify individuals. This information is held temporarily and used to monitor site and service quality.

ESP complies with the Data Protection Act 1998 at all times, and takes the confidentiality and privacy of individuals very seriously. At no time does ESP share personal data with third parties.

Any data that you submit via this website means that you consent to use of the information as detailed above.

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